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Spacious Homes Realty Limited is a real estate agency that operates in Uganda with headquarters in Kampala. We intend to become specialists in owning, developing, acquiring, managing, selling and renting / leasing disposing multifamily residential apartments, office apartments and industrial facilities (Commercial properties) et al;.

Part of our goal as a real estate agency, is to grow to become one of the top 5 largest real estate companies in the whole Uganda and to own and manage properties in East Africa.

Spacious Homes Realty Limited is committed when it comes to maintaining a diverse portfolio of highly quality apartments, office structures and industrial facilities (Residential & Commercial properties).

We also focus on providing a dynamic, proactive and vibrant working environment for all our employees, such as discounted rentals for employees, and mouthwatering bonus (commission) for every deal that comes through any of the staff.

Spacious Homes Realty Limited was founded by SSENDAGIRE MAHAD. He is the major financier of the company. Mahad is the company’s president and CEO. He has well over 3 years of real estate experience including, significant senior management positions in the areas of sales, marketing, new technologies, and franchise management for top real estate companies in Uganda.

Our Products and Services

Spacious Homes Realty Limited offers a variety of services within the scope of the real estate industry in Uganda.

Our business offerings are listed below;

  • Facilitating a Purchase — guiding a buyer through the process.
  • Facilitating a Sale — guiding a seller through the selling process.
  • FSBO document preparation — preparing necessary paperwork for “For Sale by Owner” sellers.
  • Property Management
  • Exchanging property.
  • Auctioning property.
  • Preparing contracts and leases.
  • Listing the property for sale to the public
  • Providing the seller with a real property condition disclosure (if required by law) and other necessary forms.
  • Preparing necessary papers describing the property for advertising, pamphlets, open houses, etc.
  • Holding an open house to show the property.
  • Serving as a contact available to answer any questions about the property and schedule showing appointments.
  • Ensuring that buyers are pre-screened and financially qualified to buy the property. (Sellers should be aware that the underwriter for any real estate mortgage loan is the final say.)
  • Negotiating price on behalf of the sellers.
  • Acts as a fiduciary for the seller, which may include preparing a standard real estate purchase contract.
  • Selling of Fully Furnished Properties
  • Selling of Landed Properties
  • Real Estate Consultancy and Advisory Services

Our Mission and Vision Statement

  • To be the number one real estate agency (company) that best understands and satisfies all real estate needs of our clients in the Uganda and Foreign Investors.
  • Our mission and values are to help people, businesses and property owners and clients in the Uganda and throughout the world realize their dreams of owning properties, selling properties, leasing properties or renting properties in the Uganda.




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